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    Man, Charles Carter and his Wife are the tag team of the century. God put it in him to sing and do what he do and you will never be dissapointed if you book him over and over again! No Doubt the best Party you will ever have with him as entertainment!

    John  Brown
    Assistant to Mayor
    Hattiesburg, MS



    Charles “CC” Carter - God’s chosen person with a purpose! A One Man Band! The Anointing flows through his music.


    Deborah Warren
    Co-founder Women Who Fear God Ministries
    Laurel, MS



    For the last two years we have had our annual conference on the Coast.  I had the opportunity to converse with Charles “CC” Carter and his wife Carolyn and they were very admirable.


    While in Biloxi, MS, this summer Charles Carter performed while we were on a cruise, and he was excellent.  Through his music, song after song, he continues to demonstrate, the artistic and intellectual composer that he really is.  If you haven't seen or listen to him perform “You Are Missing Out” because the connection he has is invaluable, his music demonstrates perfection, consistency, and professionalism.  Charles Carter shows that he is conscientious, dedicated, and an exemplary performer and he’s capable and able to move the audience.  It is evidenced by the last performance that I will look for more local events.  Thanks for showing us a great time!!!!!


    Stella Bell
    Town of Vaiden
    Vaiden, MS


    Charles has always been one of my favorite performers and I had the pleasure of seeing him perform last night at the Gold Pub in Hattiesburg. He is a consummate entertainer and an incredible musician and singer. Never have I seen one person put more joy and exuberant energy, confidence and love into a performance. He artfully presents a music mix, all of which he pulls off wonderfully, but it is his r&b/soul that is my favorite. It's amazing to see an artist of his caliber in a city the size of Hattiesburg. I look forward to bringing several friends to his next local performance and would love to see him at his new venue in New Orleans. Thanks to Carolyn for the email. Great seeing you both last night!

    Jennifer West
    Owner, MarketOne Media
    Hattiesburg, MS



    Thank you SOOO Much for providing such a great show for my mom's birthday party! Everyone was so impressed with your enthusiasm and the way you engaged the crowd. I would definitely recommend you for any party where people want to have a great time! :) 

    Tiffany Williams

    Hattiesburg, MS


    I want to thank you, for being an inspiration to my daughter and you did not even realize it. De'Ereka played Silent Night and Christmas Melody @ church on Christmas. She plays in the band and was asked to play in High School Band. She is in Middle School and she tells everyone you were the reason she chose to play the flute. Thank you, my brother for being a positive role. I love you and please extend my love to the wife and family.

    Maggie Shaheed
    Retail Business Owner


    "A fantastic artist, an even more extraordinary human being.  Charles Carter gives every ounce of his spirit in every performance.  Whether he's playing to a sell-out crowd or donating his talent to an organization like Sunday Girls International, his show-stopping performance always leaves the audience wanting more!  Through his music and his life - he lives with passion."

    Jacqueline Boykin
    President/Founder of Sunday Girls International



    "I am still singing Charles' praises.  He is a phenomenal performer, one of the best I have ever heard.  Not only is he an incredible singer and musician but a wonderful human being.  He is truly an entertainer!"

    Helen Benjamin
    Presidents' Round Table of African American Community College CEOs


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